“My project to bridge the gap between the digital and analog domains has proven to be a major success. All recording is done through great sounding hallmark equipment right into the audio workstation for the convenience and quality of editing that only thousands of dollars of software can provide. Digital and MIDI tracks are able to be hardware summed providing a true to life vibe that only a live recording can accomplish, and the final master has the benefit of a real soft clipper for a finishing touch that is truly a beauty to behold!”

Job Rates

Tracking           100.00

Mix and master          150.00

  • Promotional CD for musicians and bands,
  • Live recording of school auditions or recitals,
  • Worship music for the church website,
  • Radio spots and voice-over productions,
  • Audio documentaries or great sounding sync tracks for video projects

Studio time starts after equipment is set up at a location of your choice.  A four hour session is 100 dollars and if more time is needed, than the time can be extended at a rate of $25 per hour.

Please note: To make maximum use of the time it would be wise to practice and if possible, work with a metronome to allow for correct timing during any post-production.

Tracking takes place on site where you’ll have the benefit of an engineer’s advice and workflow instruction. At the end of the session, you’ll have a crude mixdown of the project.  If the track sounds good and you wish to proceed, then JonAlan will take the track home and work on it.  Mixdown and professional mastering take time and can best be done without interruption.   The charge for this service is $150 and after the final track is ready for your listening, you’ll have the chance to accept it as is or refine it with one or two reasonable changes.  If more tracking is required then time will have to be reserved as needed.

Separate tracks can be purchased for self mixing or outsourcing for an additional 10.00 per track.

Positive X Band EPK

A very enjoyable and talented group to work with; we did this job in an untreated garage and overdubbed the vocals in a separate session. The whole thing took less than seven hours and the bill was a mere 325 dollars. They performed six songs and we arranged them to showcase their talent for an entertainer’s press kit.

“JonAlan, such a great experience working with you. Your Professionalism and Dedication to Detail is amazing. You bring your Sound Machines and record and mix and make Magic! We really appreciate you and what you do, Thanks JonAlan. Positive X Band”